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Unique Infrastructural Support
  • Newly developed, well equipped site with ample open space
  • Guarded property with 10 ft. high compound wall & close circuit cameras
  • Drinking water, wash & toilets for logistics people (external)
  • Wall mounted lights (external)
  • Electric/Generator Room & Security Room (only for 25000 Sq. Ft. & above)
EHS Conscious
  • Dust free campus.
  • Rain water disposal through percolation wells.
  • Effective sanitation & drainage system.
  • Fire safety (Generator supported water supply underground tank of 1 lac litres).
Strategic Location
  • Anandpar (Navagam) on Ahmedabad National Highway 8-B
  • Heart of warehouses operating since three decades
  • Availability of transport services and labor force
  • Vicinity of GUJCO MARSUL, Marketing Yard & RUDA Transport Nagar
  • Distribution point; Bhavnagar, Jamnagar, Junagadh, Amreli & Porbandar
Well Resourced Warehouses
Construction : Frame structure.
Plinth Level : 3 - 4 Feet Height
Unique Features : Small centre column, offering more usable space.
Available Area : From 5200 to 80000 Sq. Ft. under one roof.
Walls : Bricks / Cement blocks. - Internally coated with Birla Putty to prevent algae & fungi. Externally painted with ICI (Weather Shield) to prevent algae & dust from settling.
Cross Ventilation : 6 x 2 Ft. at every 6 meters, across the length.
Roofing : E-KOR Cement Sheets with Transparent Sheets.
Flooring : Tri-Mix with hardener for resistance to abrasion & mechanical wear.
Entrance : Which enables heavy trucks to load / unload inside.
Rolling Shutters : Rust proof with gear system.
Office : RCC or Aluminium section built, as per requirement.
Entertainment : FM System.
Traffic Control : Microphone and speaker system.
Water : Min. 1000 liters storage capacity.
Sanitation : Wash room & toilet with hot & cold water.
Electricity : Main power supply provided externally along the wall.
Rest Area : 3 Ft. wide all around for logistics people.

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